School Goals

PS 191 School Wide Goals

In order to ensure growth in College and Career Readiness through implementation of the Common Core all staff will seek to implement the following shifts in instruction:

1. Improve reading comprehension for all students in the ELA, Science and Social Studies with a focus on close reading, text-based answers, writing from sources, and the development of vocabulary. All teachers and staff will ensure that:
  • Students have rich and rigorous conversations dependent on a common text.
  • Writing emphasizes use of evidence to inform or make an argument or articulate an idea rather than the personal narrative and other forms of decontextualized prompts.
  • Students constantly build the vocabulary they need to access grade level complex texts.

2. To improve mathematical thinking and problem solving for all students with a focus on deep understanding. All teachers and staff will ensure that:
  • They teach more than “how to get the answer” and instead support students’ ability to access concepts from a number of perspectives.
  • Students see math as more than a set of procedures.
  • Students demonstrate deep conceptual understanding of core math concepts by applying them to new situations, as well as writing and speaking about their understanding.