Class Pages

Here you'll find a link to your teachers class webpage, on their page you will find classroom information, homework assignments and much more.


Ms Aster

Ms Edwards

Ms Manigault

Ms Vazquez


Ms Dixon

Ms Qureshi & Ms Javier

Ms Ariah


1st Grade

Ms Tarantino & Ms Ray

Ms Lewis



2nd Grade

Ms Hylton

Ms Ferrera & Mr Handel





3rd Grade    

Ms Rosenthal

Ms Cayambe

Ms Furiya




4th Grade

Ms Michos

Ms Hood

Ms Salas

Ms DeSimone (Science - K-4)



4/5th Grade   

Mr Trinz











5th Grade     

Ms Giglio











6th - 8th Grade 

Mr Burns (ELA - 6)

Mr Bangtson (Math - 6-7)

Ms Kim (SS - 6-8)

Ms Kelly (ELA - 7-8)

Ms Dyer (Math - 7-8)

Ms Menon (Science - 6-8)

Mr Bochicchio (6-8)

Ms Mpongo (12:1:1 - 6/7/8th)